Pay Bill Online

You can now pay your bill online! Click the link below to visit our secure online payment center. You will be redirected to the secure payment server.

Pay your bill online with no transaction fee!



To start the process you will enter your email address, and you will receive a temporary password via email. You will also need your account number that is located in the upper left hand side of your monthly statement.

After a temporary password is received, you will enter your email address in the User ID field - (your email address will always be your User ID) and you will be asked to change your temporary password to a password that is customized by you.

After password is changed then you should select “Link Another Account”. In the account field you will enter your account number from your statement except for the last two digits. You will enter the last two digits in the tenant field. (Ex. account number on statement 123456.00 98 – 123456.00 is your account number
and the 98 is your tenant number.)

You will also need to complete the Alias field and PIN number field – these fields are customized by you. The reason for these fields is so that if you have multiple accounts you could link up to 9 accounts under the same User ID.

Examples of alias - home, office, apartment, work, etc.  
Your pin number will be any 4 digit number that you chose.

After all fields are completed and submitted; you will be able to select cancel and go back to the screen that allows you to select – “Pay bill.”

After you select the “Pay Bill” link – you will enter your card information. We currently accept VISA and MasterCard. – When entering your credit card information it will ask for the security code, which is the last 3 digits code located on the back of your card.



You may pay your bill by phone with no transaction fee.  Simply dial the toll free number, 1-877-209-8211, and follow the directions.  You will need your account number located on your RU Billing Statement.



(This option only allows you to pay your bill.  It will not let you view account history.)

Select "Quick Pay" on "Pay Bill Online" screen:

ex. Account 123456.00

     Tenant 96