Usage Rates

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Water Rates (Richmond)

Effective July 1, 2022

  Inside City Rate Outside City Rate
First 300 cu. ft. $12.47 $15.79
Next 400 cu. ft. $3.71/100 cu. ft. $4.69/100 cu. ft.
Next 5000 cu. ft. $3.67/100 cu. ft. $4.26/100 cu. ft.
Next 5000 cu. ft. $2.76/100 cu. ft. $3.56/100 cu. ft.
Excess (over 10,700 cu. ft.) $2.66/100 cu. ft. $3.40/100 cu. ft.
Wholesalers Water Rate $2.72272/100 cu. ft.
Institutional $2.79/100 cu. ft.


Sanitary Sewer Rates

Effective July 1, 2023

  Inside City Rate Outside City Rate
Next 300 cu. ft. $28.81 $57.62
Next 400 cu. ft. $8.67/100 cu. ft. $17.33/100 cu. ft.
Next 5000 cu. ft. $7.83/100 cu. ft. $15.71/100 cu. ft.
Next 5000 cu. ft. $7.00/100 cu. ft. $13.97/100 cu. ft.
Excess $6.21/100 cu. ft. $12.40/100 cu. ft.
Wholesale $9.50/100 cu. ft.  



Gas Rates

Effective on Bills Mailed 06/01/2024

Residential: 1st 1000 cu. ft. $17.00
  Excess $6.90 per MCF
Commercial: 1st 1000 cu. ft. $17.00
  Excess $7.05 per MCF


1st 1000 cu. ft.


  Excess $7.15 per MCF

Transportation Customers

Per Mcf




Water Rates (Milford)

Effective July 1, 2022

1st 2,000 gallons $21.58
Next 2,000 gallons $7.13 per 1,000 gallons
Next 2,000 gallons $6.07 per 1,000 gallons
Over 6,000 gallons $5.32 per 1,000 gallons



Meter Tap General & Normal Charges

Effective 12/02/2015

5/8" Meter Set $700.00
1" Meter Set $800.00
2" Meter Set $2,400.00

The above charges are for normal & general meter taps with service lines less than 50 feet. If Richmond Utilities discovers circumstances or conditions that will incur extra charges for construction, you will be notified before proceeding with the project. Examples of conditions that will incur extra costs are rock excavating or boring.



Security Deposits

Effective 08/01/16 Effective 7/1/87
Residential Commercial
Gas $100.00 Gas $300.00
Water $60.00 Water $150.00



Sewer Assessment and Development Fees

Development Fees: $850.00 per acre
Sewer Assessment Fees (All Structures) 12/02/2015

Residential (Based on Zoning)
Single Family $900.00
2-10 Units $500 each unit
Over 10 Units $300 each unit
Other (Based on Square Feet)
Commercial: .20 per square ft.
Special Commercial $1,000 + .20 per square ft.
Industrial $1,000 + .10 per square ft.
Warehousing $500 + .05 per square ft.
Mobile Homes $900 each unit



Kentucky River Authority Withdrawal Fees (KA)

Effective 7/1/2020

100 cu ft $0.238
1000 gallons $0.318
Minimum fee $0.90



Water Assessment Fees

Note: Water Development Fees Are Same As Sewer Assessment Fees



Transportation Delivery Service




I.          Availability

A.   Transportation Delivery Service is available to any commercial or industrial customer currently served by the Richmond Utilities . In order to qualify, the customer must have a monthly gas requirement of 1,000 MCF or more, and must comply with all the necessary authorities  to transport the gas to Richmond Utilities Board facilities. In addition, the customer must request to the Richmond Utilities Board to utilize its facilities to deliver said gas to the place of consumption.

B.   Any transportation service provided hereunder shall be subject to the terms and
conditions as set forth in this tariff. The Richmond Utilities Board reserves the
right to decline transportation service under this tariff when in its sole judgment
such service would violate good operating practices or have a negative impact upon
the other Richmond Utilities Board gas customers.

II. Measurement and Rates

A. Transportation charges comprised of the following components will apply

1. All natural gas will be measured in MCF at point of delivery to the customer.

2.     Conversion from heating valve to volume shall be by mathematical method:


                                                Dth / Btu =Mcf


3.     The BTU valve for the calculation above shall be the average for the month
according to Columbia Gas Transmission's monthly report.

4.     Richmond Utilities transportation rate as set by the Richmond City

5.     Any applicable pipeline supplier charges which are billed to Richmond


III.  Imbalance

A.  All imbalance charges incurred as a result of transporter shall be paid by the
transportation customer.

B.  The imbalance shall not exceed 10% of Annual Transportation Volume  (January-December).

C. On months when a transportation customer’s deliveries are less than their usage Richmond Utilities will sell gas to the transportation customer  at the current month’s pricing as billed by Atmos Energy ( Richmond Utilities gas supplier ).  On months when a transportation customer’s deliveries are greater than their usage, a transportation customer shall be permitted to receive such volumes at a later date. Transportation customer may  not exceed 10%  of  its Annual Transportation Volume

D.  Richmond Utilities shall monitor the transportation customer usage on a weekly
basis and request changes to the transportation customer's monthly delivery
schedule as needed to protect Richmond Utilities gas supply.

E.  Richmond Utilities is not a back up supplier for transportation customers.

IV. Payment

A.  The transportation customer will be invoiced for the amount of gas delivered to the
meter and any applicable pipeline supplier charges and payment shall be made within 30 days.

B.  Confirmation of volume will be as in Columbia Gas Transmission invoice and
delivery reports.

V.   Nominations

A.  All nominations and scheduling of transportation gas shall be the responsibility of  the Customer and/or Supplier.

B.  A copy of the transportation schedule shall be forwarded to Richmond Utilities
from transportation customer supplier two weeks prior to scheduled deliveries to
confirm delivery.

VI.  Telemetry

A.The transportation customer shall be responsible for half of the cost to upgrade the software and telemetry equipment of Richmond Utilities telemetry system.

B.The metering station can be designed so that all information gathered by the equipment is available to the customer.




VII. Operational Flow Order and Interruption of Service

A.  Operational flow orders (OFO)

1. The Richmond Utilities will issue operational flow orders as required to
maintain the integrity of the gas delivery system.

2.     OFO’s may be issue to insure delivery of gas to priority customers.

3.     All customers must comply with any OFO or interruption notices.

4.     Failure to comply could result in termination of service.

5.     Alternate fuel supply capability is highly recommended for all transportation

B.  Interruption of Service

1. Gas delivery will be by the following priority system.

(A)   Priority I - Hospitals, residential customers and human needs.

(B)    Priority II - Schools and commercial customer. This includes
restaurants, doctor’s offices, shopping centers, etc.

(C)    Priority III - Non - essential commercial and industrial customers.

(D)   Priority IV - Transportation customers with out alternate fuel supply

(E) Priority V — Transportation customers with an alternate fuel supply