Natural Gas Customers Responsibilities

Richmond Utilities is committed to ensuring that the natural gas lines to your home or business remain safe and reliable. Richmond Utilities owns, operates and maintains the natural gas pipelines and facilities leading up to and including the meter of all residential and commercial customers. This maintenance includes regular inspections or ensure no leaks are present and the lines are in good condition. You own and are responsible for all buried and above ground natural gas piping on your property that runs from the meter to the structure and other outside gas appliances as well as all piping within the structure. This is referred to as “customer piping” and must be maintained by you, the customer. If the customer piping is not properly maintained, corrosion and leaks can occur creating a hazardous condition. To keep your home and business safe, you should monitor you properly maintain the natural gas lines that you own. Your customer piping should be periodically be inspected for leaks. If piping is metallic, it should be inspected for corrosion. A licensed plumber or qualified technician can assist you with the inspection and maintenance of your customer piping. Any unsafe condition this is discovered should be repaired immediately. If excavation is required, remember to call 811, the national call-before-you-dig number, to ensure the buried lines are located and marked prior to digging. When excavation is near a buried pipeline, the excavator is required to hand dig to avoid damage to the underground piping. Richmond Utilities is committed to the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to your home or business. Please feel free to call Richmond utilities if you have any question or need any additional information concerning your customer piping. Contact: Richmond Utilities 859-623-2323